Measurement and Time Print & Play Games!

Measurement and time are usually short lived in my room! That is unfortunate, but it is true. We spend a LOT of time on number sense, addition, subtraction, and place value that I feel like these three first grade standards get short-changed:

1. Nonstandard measurement and comparing/ordering of lengths

2. Telling Time to the half hour
3. Collecting and analyzing data

While I like to make those units as hands on and FUN as possible, they each only last about one week. I think these print and play games will be the perfect way to spiral these skills throughout the whole year instead of just during those 3, short weeks!

I wanted to share a few of the games I recently created for these units.

 Here is a measurement game that has students spinning and collecting cubes. After they spin 5 times they compare their stacked towers to see whose is longer and by how much. While this game is pretty simple, it has students practicing that ever-so-important question, HOW MANY MORE...... 

This is a fun nonstandard measurement game that lets students practice measuring common classroom items with cubes. There are 2 different sheets and students simply roll 2 dice, find the sum, and see what they are going to measure! As always, they record their findings and compare lengths.

For time I have a few fun games as well:
 In Around the Clock, students take turns moving their cubes around the clock and read digital times to find the matching analog clock in the middle. Once all the clocks are colored in, they see who colored in the most!

In this game students are racing to fill in their clock grids. Students once again read the digital time as they move through the game, but this time they must draw that time on a blank analog clock!

As in all of my Print, Play, LEARN math games there are 6 different black and white games for each skill. You can see them ALL by clicking the image below:


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