I Have, Who Has? Math Games and Look What I Bought!

Do you play "I have, who has?" with your students?!

It is a classroom favorite over here in room 102!

This simple game is played as a whole class or in small groups after students have learned a certain skill. It is perfect for practice, practice, practice! I also love this game because it helps my students practice their listening and following directions skills!

This is how you play the game:

I created 6 common core aligned math versions of this game that are seen below:

Addition within 20
Subtraction within 20
Addition & Subtraction within 20
Place Value

When we are knee-deep into a skill such as mixed addition/subtraction within 20 and I feel as though a good majority of my class has a good handle on the skill, I pull out our "I have, who has" game and we get started:
 My students each get one card and whoever has the first card stands up and reads it aloud. When they ask "Who has 16 + 1?" all my students will figure out the sum and see if they have that card. The student who has 17 will then stand up and read their card. They repeat this until one student's card says, "I have the last card, let's do a class cheer!" When that happens we all do a big ole cheer and pat ourselves on the back.

Here is a look at the place value questions.

After we've completed it once, I shuffle up the cards, put them back in the bucket and we will repeat it the next day. After one or two practice rounds, we start timing ourselves as a class and track our progress. The class really gets into it! This is one of the tips and tricks I included in this pack so you know what works in my first grade classroom.

To snag this product or to take a closer look, click the image below:

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