Free Consonant Blends Game!

After a little phonics screening this past week, I realized a good chunk of my kiddos were STUCK on blends. They were having trouble reading both beginning and ending consonant blends. I created a fun little game which I introduced on Friday and my kids loved it!

Here it is in action:

The premise:
Each student receives a blends spinner. They take turns spinning and their job is to create a real word using their blend and a word ending from the game board. When they find one, they cover it with their color cube! Once all the boxes are covered (which takes quite a while), students count their cubes up and see who has the most! While they are trying to find a real word, they are practicing a bunch of nonsense blend words along the way!

I uploaded the file to googledocs so I thought I would share it for free!
Just click below to grab it:

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