First Grade Common Core Language Standards

These first grade language and grammar activities are such a fun way for my first graders to practice these important Common Core skills.

SO happy to announce that part two of my Common Core Language pack for first grade is FINITO!

I have worked so hard on this bad boy and I wanted to highlight a few of the activities inside:
Meet the Capitalizing Crew! This is a fun spin on learning all about capitalization. Carly, Chris, and Chloe will help your students practice beginning capitalization, capitalization of names, and capitalization in dates. There are a few fun activities to use with this crew and some printable practice pages.
Roll, Spell, and Cover! This game is already in use in my classroom and my kids are loving it. This helps my kids sound out words phonetically drawing on what they've learned so far this year. Students roll a die, find a word that corresponds, spell it and cover! There is a short vowel board, a long vowel board, and a digraphs board.
Be a Wordsmith! The second half of this pack is all about vocabulary! I encourage my students to become wordsmiths and not only find and define interesting new words, but to use them as often as possible!
Categories: Students spin the spinner and sort words into different categories based on their meaning. There are 3 different game boards.
 Root word, Prefix, and Suffix anchor charts!
 After learning all about prefixes and suffixes, students make numerous little flip books and create sentences with each word.
 List it: Students practice using commas correctly with this activity! Students will pull a picture card and create a detailed sentence using the three items in the picture.
 Multiple meaning match-ups! Students dive deeper into vocabulary and match up these words with their two different meanings.

These are just a few of many different activities in Part 2 of the pack!

If you want to see ALL of my first grade grammar activities click the image below:

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