Andddd it's over.

Many tears were shed this past week as I wrapped up my last 4 days at school. It has been such a great 3 years of laughing and learning and I will never forget all my students, parents, and colleagues who I had the pleasure of getting to know!

After a few hours of cleaning and packing this is how my day ended yesterday:

My teensy little classroom looking all dark and dingy.

Let's rewind a little bit.

Here is how I spent my last few days with the kids.

 we made memory books and I gave the kids their end of the year gifts:

I used the same gifts as last year - water bottles from the dollar store and bunches of smarties!
I also gave out Reagan's free candy awards that were a HUGE hit!

Game day! I spent the morning cleaning our math tubs and letting the students play all our math games from the year. They reviewed some important math skills and had a blast! After lunch, my kids had brought in their own board game from home and basically had a free-for-all playing all sort of different games with their friends.

Half-day and last day with kids.
No lunch is served on our last day so I decided to provide breakfast for my kiddos! We had cereal, poptarts, and lots of OJ!! I also laid down some butcher paper and markers for my kids to decorate while I was serving breakfast.

After breakfast we read a few of our favorite stories from the year. Watched an episode of Phineas & Ferb and shared lots of hugs and tears before we left for summer!

I cry every year, but this year was a whole new level of sadness since I will be moving so far away.

Now that this chapter of my life has closed, I will be anxiously awaiting what life has in store for me next. For now, all I know is that we are hoppin' in our little mazda 6 on June 30th to head out for a 8 day, cross-country road trip back to Boston.

It will be a wild and busy summer, but I will be sure to keep this blog updated as much as I can!

For everyone still in school - YOU CAN DO IT - and for everyone else that is already on summer break with me.... Cheers!! I am heading out to the pool with a margarita in hand.

See ya sometime next week ;)

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