May Currently!

May 1st has come and gone... along with a new month comes a new Currently!

I am linking up with Farley to share what is going on in my neck of the woods:

The Voice! I am in love with Blake Shelton. Like forrealz. No worries though, I'm pretty sure Parks has a pretty big man crush on him too.

I went dress shopping last Summer and ended up buying a dress that I loved at the time. Quickly after I bought it, I realized that it really wasn't the vision I wanted. Just this past weekend, I went shopping again and I bought my princess dress. I feel like a bride in it and it makes me put a big, goofy grin on my face :)

The end of the year always sneaks up on me, but I swear I didn't feel it coming this year... and now it's here! Ahhh! This is when I freak our and review every gosh darn standard we have learned to make sure my kids are ready for 2nd grade!

My eyes are droopy, my head feels hot, and I am exhausted. I reallllyyyyy want to hop in bed right now. But....

.... I N-E-E-D to do INSANITY! Yes, Parker and I are still going strong! 4 months til wedding time and we have got some work to do! Once this post is finished I will have no shame and begin nagging Parks until he does INSANITY with me :)

Summer Bucket List:
Travel, travel, and more TRAVEL - Parks and I have big plans this Summer. Lots of fun and big, BIG plans! I have also just started my personal blog, Late Nights and Lattes, where I plan to document all of our exciting times to come in the new few years and I can't wait to start sharing more this summer!
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Alrighty... time to go nag!

Go link up with Farley and see what everyone else is up to this May!

See ya in a few days with our Mother's Day plans :)