Poetry Month!

Poetry month is here and my students are letting their creativity fly!

After teaching all the different types of poems with a structured lesson, I just let them go and have fun! They have been loving the freedom of poetry and they amaze me with their poems. During our Daily 5 my students are often found writing allllllll sorts of poems and reading their poems to others. They also love getting to *snap* their applause at the end of a poetry reading instead of clapping. I went through my students' poetry bins and pulled a few for out bulletin board. It is not finished yet... but this is how it looked when I left school today!

The beginnings of our bulletin board:

Here are a few of the poems up close:
Sleepover - Acrostic

Spring - Acrostic


Burning Popcorn! - Sensory poem

Shape Poems:

^The flower one is meant to be read from the bottom up^

SO cute! I love looking at students' writing and these poems have made me so proud! They have really expressed themselves and even my struggling writers had fun with this.

All the poems taught and published were from my Writing Poetry for Primary Grades unit available on TPT. There are still plenty of other poems we are going to get to throughout the month. We also need to finish that bulletin board!

Click on the image below to get my poetry unit:

Do you teach poetry in your classroom? Do you LOVE it like I do?!?

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