Sweethearts or Sweet Tarts?! What's your opinion?

This week is going to FLY by! 
(If I say it, it must be true. Right?!)

We have Valentine's Day, a big dental presentation, and President's Day information to cover.
Bring - it - on!

We started off our week getting excited for V-Day by writing some opinion pieces:

Sweethearts or Sweet Tarts?
Which one do you like better?! 
My answer is easy.... Sweet Tarts! I DETEST Sweethearts... blek... I am gagging just thinking about them.

We reviewed writing opinion pieces and then my students got to taste each one.
Waiting patiently....

 and GO!

Next, students got to write reasons why they liked both:

Lastly, they wrote their opinion papers!
 This was such an easy writing lesson and the students loved getting to taste the different Valentine's Day candy. Lucky for me, most of my students liked the Sweethearts better. Which means I took home LOTS of Sweet Tarts! Happy Valentine's Day to ME!

On the agenda for tomorrow:
Love Tickets! Our parent gifts :)

These activities are just some of many in my Be Mine, Valentine Pack.
It will be on sale for only $2 until Friday!!

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