Our Proposal...

On this day of love, I thought I would share our proposal story... my side of it at least....
All I wanted was a letter...

Parker spoiled me our first year dating. He has a way with words and wrote the sweetest letters and love notes a girl could ever ask for! I was smitten. Then... the letters stopped for a few years...

Each birthday, anniversary, and holiday he would shower me with gifts (who's complaining?!) but alas... I still wouldn't receive my letter. I would beg him to forget the gifts and just write me something, anything! Well, the night of December 29th 2011 I got everything I asked for and more.

Parker was away for Christmas with his family and I was home in our apartment waiting anxiously for him to come back. We always spent Christmas apart, but it was still a long 10 days that we couldn't see eachother. We spoke often over the phone and he had been extra "lovey-dovey" the few days leading up to his proposal, but I thought nothing of it. I knew FOR SURE we would not be getting engaged any time soon. FOR SURE, I tell you.

Thursday night came. It was a night that would change my life and I had no idea it was coming. I was too busy complaining, whining, and being a brat because Parker wanted me to dress up. He was taking me out for a Christmas surprise. "Can't I just wear jeans?!?!??" I asked him repeatedly. 

With the patience of a saint, he assured me over and over "yes, you can wear jeans... but I prefer you wear a dress." I thought we were going to a show... he isn't very good at surprises... or so I thought.

A knock came at the door. It was him, finally! When I opened the door his smile was HUGE! "He must be happy I decided to wear a dress," I thought to myself. He told me I would have to wait a little bit longer to get my surprise and he asked if I wanted to open up some of the gifts his family got me.

Of course I did! The first was an envelope with a gift certificate from his mother. It was exactly what I wanted (thank you again, Wendes)! Next, was a big box with an envelope inside. Inside the box were some glass bowls from IKEA that were overlooked because all I could see was that the envelope had Parker's handwriting on the front.

(I was already crying)

My letter consisted of 4 different index cards filled with honest words of love and tenderness, most of which is too intimate to share with you all. What I will tell you, is that by card 3 I could feel the energy in the room shift. I knew something was happening. Tears will filling my eyes faster than I could read.

Card 4:
"I just want you to know that regardless of whether it is hurried or written, I will wholeheartedly love you for the rest of my life. Be my Partner, My Lover, My Wife. Please accept this ring and marry me. Love - now and always, Parker"
I looked up to see him on one knee, my canary diamond in his hand, asking me to be his wife. 

I have never been as happy as I was in that moment.
I hope to feel that way many more time in our lives together.

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