Dental Health Freebie!

This morning we had our dental health presentation by a local orthodontist.

This lady is ah-mazing! I love this presentation and the kids eat it up. She talks allllll about how eating too much sugar makes little sugar bugs in your mouth... and when you don't brush your teeth, those little bugs leave little.... presents.... in your mouth.

My kids couldn't stop talking about how they HAD to brush their teeth because the sugar bugs would go to the bathroom in their mouth - EWWW!

Whatever works, right?!

After she gives her presentation, she calls up some students to show them exactly how to brush!

Here are some sweeties dressed as teeth:

Here comes the gums!
She talks about healthy/unhealthy choices and sticks the food to the teeth!

After all that food, we have to BRUSH!
We learn how to brush the cheek side, the tongue side, then the top side. Tooth-by-tooth.

Lastly, we learned how to floss:
 The kids think this is the funniest thing ever and they learn a lot! She also asks one of the students to duck down below the gums and the students learn that they must brush their gums even if one of their baby teeth has fallen out!

After our presentation, I had my students complete a couple writing activities. I thought I would offer them up for free in case anyone else is learning about dental health!

Just click on the image below to see what's inside :)

I hope everyone has a *SWEET* Valentine's Day tomorrow!

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