All About Books - We're Almost Finished!

Valentine's Day, President's Day, and lots of staff development has gotten in the way of us completing our All About Books, but I am happy to say we are in the final stages!!

I wanted to show you all a sneak peek of our hard work:

Cover Pages:

Dedication pages:
 I dedicate this book to my brother, Max, because if I'm sick he will do my chores for me.

 I dedicate this book to my mom and dad because they help me learn to do math, reading, and writing. And I love them more than chocolate ice cream.


Different Kinds:

Over the next two days we are editing and finishing our how-to pages, our research paragraphs, and our about the author pages! This year I asked my students to write their "About the Author" in the third person and they are AH-DOR-UH-BLE!

If all goes as planned we will be having goldfish, animal crackers, and sparkling cider next Friday to celebrate our hard work :)

If you would like to make your own All About Books, just click on the cover image below and you can see more about it!

Happy Hump Day!

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