Will you be my bridesmaid???

Thank God for Pinterest.

I must say I am a lucky, lucky gal to be getting married in the post-Pinterest world. Other people and their creativity amaze me. They also make me jealous.

I have officially been engaged for over a year and I can FINALLY say that I am getting married this year!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!

I saw these on Pinterest about a year ago and I knew I wanted to put my own twist on these adorable boxes!

Here is my take:
 3 of my 4 bridesmaids live back east and I don't get to see them that often, so I wanted to make sure I had these done for Christmas! They all knew they were in my wedding, but I hadn't "officially" asked them yet.
I bought the boxes at Michaels (super cheap - like $5 each) over the summer and painted each of them with a flower and my bridesmaids' initials. My base wedding color is navy and my accent colors are orange, yellow, and coral! I think it'll be perfect for my September 20th wedding.
First, I used my handy-dandy glue gun to line the top and bottom of the boxes with 2 different fabric squares. Inside each box were the following:
Nail Polish - OPI Mimosas for the Mr. and Mrs. (what I will be wearing on the big day)
Orbit gum - for fresh breath
Bracelet - matching bracelets from Francesca's
Dress - example picture; the girls are all picking the style that will look best on them
Personal nick-knack - Each item reflects my main ladies' personalities! Tina: Owl air fresheners for her new car, Kathleen: key cap! She will be getting her license soon and will be sporting a new ring of keys at all times, Shayla: eat, drink, and be merry wine opener, Romanda: mustache iPhone cover!
Wedding Cards - I stole the titles right from my inspiration and tweaked each card to make it fit for my maids! The text on each card is below.
The Big Day:
Parker and I are getting married!!
We will be tying the knot at {blablablabla - address disclosed}.
Our wedding ceremony will take place on
Friday, September 20, 2013.
More details about the day to come
for now, just remember this date!

The Dresses:
Each of you are uniquely beautiful and my main requirement for attire is that you feel comfortable and gorgeous. Who is better to pick out your dress, than you?!
I have made it easy for you because I have already picked the color, length and fabric:
Navy, short, & silk chiffon from JCrew.!
You can go online to their wedding website and pick whichever one suits you best.
The Girls:
Kristina, my amazing younger sister, who makes me laugh more than anyone in the world! {Maid of honor}
Kathleen, my youngest sister, who is growing into a beautiful young woman right in front of my eyes! {Maid of honor}.
Shayla, my oldest, dearest, and bestest friend who I share so many of my favorite memories with! {Bridesmaid}
Romanda, my soon-to-be sister in law, who I look up to in so many ways as a smart, independent woman! {Bridesmaid}
I love all of you so much and I cannot wait to celebrate this day with you!

Your Role:
I know weddings can wind up being a lot of work for bridesmaids. I don’t want that to be the case. Do not worry about bridal showers, bachelorette parties, gifts, etc. I truly only have one wish… that you are present on this very special day in my life.
I want you to…
enjoy this day with close family and friends.
look and feel beautiful.
wipe away all my happy tears.
understand how much your presence is appreciated.
What I am trying to say is…
Will you be in my wedding?!

Lots more decisions were made for the wedding including our menu: 4 courses, all delicious and New England/Fall themed! The honeymoon destination is also decided - now we just have to hammer out travel details and payments! Should I call a travel agent or just book online?!? I have never used a travel agent before... but I also don't travel that often! More details with wedding planning to come!

Happy 2013!!

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