Linking Up With Love!

I am linking up with the AH-mazing Tessa, over at Tales from Outside the Classroom to showcase some things I am loving right now.

Some people I am loving:
I love lots of people... LOADS of people... really, I do... but there have been a few lately who have really stood out in the past couple days!

1. The hubs-to-be.
Enough already, I know! Obviously I love this guy, but he deserves this shout out for 2 major reasons. #1: he cracks me up! This is what he does at work:
He is giddy excited about the fact that this movie is named after him and spent the time taking pictures of himself, cropping them, and putting them on this poster. I wish I had time to do things like this at work. 
The second reason he gets a shout-out is THIS:
I was super, super, super stressed out on Thursday night. Tears and all that fun-stuff ensued that night. When I woke up the next morning, I stumbled blindly into the bathroom to find different post-it notes strategically placed all over. The ones above are just a sampling of his sweetness! He also cleaned the entire apartment! I am only lucky lady to be marrying him!

Two other people I love:
 {I stole this picture from her FB - this is me "asking" permission to use it}
Katie works at my school, but her classroom has moved ALL.THE.WAY. across the building. So, naturally I never see her anymore. It is reaallllly far away. On the off chance that I see her outside of work, I loveee talking with her about life! She has the most adorable lifestyle blog, A Kup of Katie, if you want a fun read :)

 This is us last weekend at a bridal expo here in Vegas! She is another one of my teacher-friends who I just adore! Michelle started her new teaching blog (Well, Michelle?) not too long ago, so go show her some love! Her last post has some more goofy pictures of us from the expo!

Some things I am loving:
Parks and I started Insanity for the 2nd time...... We did make it through the whole first month before giving up, totally failing, taking a break. This program is "for-realz" INSANE!

Which brings me to the next favorite thing I love.....
I hurt my back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like, bad. Hunched over, lying in bed all day, BAD. Wahhhhh! These "relief" patches are the only thing getting me through the day. Tomorrow at work should be interesting. Looks like Parker and I will be starting Insanity again.... next week... or month...

Some products I am loving:
I am pretty sure TPT products are the only way I teach now, so there are lots to love! Here are a few I will be using soon:



Okay... this one isn't technically out yet... but it will be SOON... and I will be using it!


My latest football pack

Last thing before I go:
The always-amazing Lisa is having her 400 followers giveaway - WOO HOO!

You can win some great prizes so click the button above to enter :)

That is all for now! I will be back this week with some more FUN!