All About Books - Our Non-fiction Research Project!

I may have said it 3728970423498320 times...

but this project is MY FAVORITE!


We have finally started our All About Books!

 Our "sloppy-copy" folders are piling up and ready for their first round of editing!

We are only about a week in, but my kids are already loving reading AND writing about their animals!

This was the schedule for week one:

Here are my students during their book walk:
I spread out the books all over the room. Sharks on one table, bears on the carpet, etc. and students spend the first day just enjoying the different animal books and trying to choose which animal they want to write about.

After they find out their animal, I have them complete a fascinating facts page:
Students get to spend the second day with their research group, reading and exploring all the fun facts about their animals. When students find a new fact, they write it down - in their OWN words - and write the page number they found it on.

Next, we made a diagram and a dedication page! My pictures of those are on my real camera... which is dead... so next time I will add 'em to the post!

Some how-to writing:
How to Save Owls
  When people cut down trees we need to make sure the owls out of the tree. If an owl gets trapped in a tree we need to help them so they can go free. When owls are hurt we need to help them when owls are hurt.

How to Find Food for an Owl
 First, you go to the forest and find a dead rat at night and some worms. Next, you climb a tree and find an owl...

Okay...So.... We need to work on these lol, but they crack me up and they are just the "sloppy copies." I will be sure to take more pictures of the process as we go!

If you'd like to start this all About Book with your kids you can read more about it by clicking the picture below:

This unit is also in my Common Core Writing for 1st Grade Bundle which includes a unit for writing narratives and opinion pieces!

Now, I'm off to eat some dark chocolate and catch up on my DVR!

Snooki and JWoww here I come ;)

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