The King of -ing!

Last Friday we learned all about the king of ING!

I have seen this idea around mannnnnnnny times, but I believe the first place I saw the king of ing was in one of my Mailbox magazines circa 2010 (or so?). The second I read about it, I knew I would always teach the ing sound using your highness!

I walked around all morning talking in a British accent (why!? I don't know) adding "-ing" to every word I could.

My students got a a kick out of it... they think I am quite silly.

To kick us off we made this little anchor chart to help us remember the ING spelling pattern:

Then we made some cute little crowns so we could be kings of ing all day!


The kiddos just LOVED it... especially because they started talking in British accents too! Ha - I wish you could've heard us... they were emphasizING every word they would say that had ing in it!

Just perfect!

I just drew the crowns that morning, so the template is not the best, but I did scan it in along with some other worksheets we completed to practice the "ing" spelling pattern. I made it available as a new freebie in my TPT store! You can grab the pack by clicking the picture below!

If you snag a copy, please leave me some feedback in my store so I know what you think :)

Now, in my best British accent, I am off for some tea and crumpets(?!).

Happy Monday!

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