Addition with 3 Addends

I love math games. Did you already know that?!?

I really do. In my classroom, I teach a concept whole group, send my little ones off to play a game to practice that concept, students independently try via pencil and paper (or more likely mini-whiteboard and marker), then bring them back for review.

Rinse, dry, repeat.

Yah, this isn't new, I know.

What IS new, are the games and assessments I made for addition with 3 addends!

Last year when we adopted the CCSS, I had nooooothing for addition with 3 addends. Nothing. So I ended up making a few games, practice pages, and assessments. Well, I was looking it over this weekend and it needed a revamp - big time.

My little packet went from 17 pages to 44. From 2 activities to 7, and from 1 assessment to 3 with 5 practice pages!

Here are some highlights:
games, games, games = practice, practice, practice

A great mix of reading and math:
Students make CVC words, then add the letters together to get the sum. I made task cards to guide students at first, then they can just make their own words.

Story problems, missing addend problems, and basic addition with 3 addends.
I made 3 different ones for you to use throughout your unit.

If you'd like to see more you can visit my [my TPT store] or click the first image above and read the description/download the preview.

The weekend is almost near! Yahoo!

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