Tacky the Penguin!

We dove into character traits this week and what better guy to do that with than Tacky?!?!
Tacky the Penguin

My kids love this odd little penguin!

After reading the book, I recorded what my little ones had to say:

Then we used Lindsey (The Teacher Wife)'s character page from her Reading Comprehension Pack.
I have both her packs and they are seriously fabbb-ulous!

I must say, I thought Tacky was going to be a shoe-in for the class favorite, but many picked the other penguins because they were "polite" and "neat" and "knew how to dive" lol!

So stinkin' cute!!
Things are underway in room 41B and we are FINALLY getting into the swing of things!

Happy hump day!

BTW - Did anyone else watch the Bachelor Pad finale - THOUGHTS!?!?

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