S.O.S.!!!! (& Featured Freebies)

My first week is over and it has been chall-en-ging.

Honesty time:
My students are not listening to me.

I know this is the first week and we are setting the rules and expectations. We are creating a structure in our classroom so we can begin focusing on our academics. But, it is not working.

Every year there are those bright-eyed cuties that can be challenging in classroom, but this year, I have 7.


All with their own story and background that contribute to why they are the way they are.

I feel for them. All seven of them.

I want to help them so badly. I am not and never have been a "Negative Nancy," I just feel as though I have used everything in my "bag of tricks" to get them to listen/follow directions already and it is only week 1!

Now I'm sending out an S.O.S. (The Police anyone?) and I need to know, what is in your bag of tricks?!?!?

 A little background & what I've tried already:
The challenges I am having overlap with many of the students.
Yes, I went to their respective kinder teachers and they all had the same challenges there.... somehow, they all ended up in my classroom this year.

{Listening/Following directions:}
We use Give me Five and CHAMPS school-wide.
Give me 5 may as well be a joke in my class. We have tried waiting and waiting and they still talk to one another. We have tried counting down to 0 and they still talk to each other. My kids are at the emergent level when it comes to mastering CHAMPS voice levels 0 and 1.

I use the following attention gainers:
None have worked.
Students that are doing the appropriate thing are always given "cool cash" (school-wide incentive) and/or move their pin up! I also have Mel D's fabulous {reward coupons} that my attentive students love. I have yet to find what my seven love and will work for.

{Talking Back:}
Only one student does this, but it is difficult!
Student moves clip down for this.

Some have hit others, one punches himself, another throws a crying fit.
Students move clip, are ignored, talked to 1-on-1 or sent to the office based on the incident.

Positive reinforcements and praises are given as often as possible to ALL students. On the flip side, parents have already been called. and recesses have already been taken :(

I have made a sticker-chart for 2 of my students who are working on keeping their hands and feet to themselves. I just need to find out what they are willing to work for!

I am sure there is more, but I am drained.

So pretty please, share your wisdom with me!!!!!!!
What do you do with those difficult children? and what do you do when you have so many??

. . .

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