Our Writing Community & A Winner!


I was HO-RRI-BLE at writing my first year teaching. Horrible. 
The curriculum I had that year was outdated and choppy and being that it was my first year... I had little to fall back on in terms of teaching writing. I felt like I did my kids a huge disservice when they left first grade! 

Year 2 was much, much better. My teaching bestie (Lindsey) is obsessed with writing and I am envious every year of her kids' writing skills! I learned tons from her and we worked to piece together a curriculum that worked for us. It was a little Lucy Calkins, a little Write From the Beginning, a little TPT and a little *us*!

Well, now in year 3, I am ready to develop some author/illustrators right out of the gate! Our school is piloting the program, Being A Writer, and I am liking it so far. I like that it heavily involves read-alouds for different writing skills. We just started "I Like..." stories this week and we began the program by introducing {Our Writing Community}.

I am making a big, big, BIG deal of writing in Ms. Moran's class this year! I want my kiddos to love being an author, an illustrator and I want them to be proud when sharing their work with their classmates, family and friends.
Insert: classroom anchor chart!

This community mentality is already producing better work and I thought I would share a few first drafts of our "I Like..." stories.

(BIG, proud momma smile):
 *Just a little sneak peek into my room*

Does anyone else use Being a Writer?? 
I would love to know your thoughts on it!

Oh ya.... A WINNER!
Thanks to everyone who entered my *spook*taculer giveaway!!!

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