Inventive Spelling Freebie!

Back-to-school night is tomorrow and I have soooo much to do to get ready!

I thought I would share a quick freebie before I finish stressing out getting my ducks in a row for the big night!

I don't know about your BTS night, but ours is solely informational! No kids, no fun, no games, just me, the parents and the 4-1-1. Nerve-wracking. I get very nervous in front of crowds. Especially crowds full of "grown-ups". I turn into a full-blown Chandler Bing, awkard jokes and all. Last year, I managed to call a dad overweight when sitting in the tiny first grade chairs. I don't know how it happens.... it just does.... *sigh*.

The first grade team gives out a whole packet about our homework policy, nightly reading folders, report cards/grading information and our brand-new snack policy. Bla bla bla, I have to get rid of my Kiss Your Brain Jar, bla bla bla. Tears.

My colleague, Janie, gave me this letter a couple years ago to send home to parents to help explain inventive spelling. I loved it, so with her permission, I gave it a little re-vamp and I am offering it up to you all as a freebie!

Here is mine:
If you click the image you can download the editable powerpoint to fill in your own name and change the date.


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