Enemy Pie for a Friday Freebie!

TGIF everybody!!!!!

I am heading out for *date* night with the boy, but before I go I thought I would link up and share a Friday Freebie with you!

I am using the book Enemy Pie by Derek Munson next week for a shared reading lesson.
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This book is one of my absolute favorites to read-aloud to my class. It teaches such a great lesson about how to treat one another and my class needs a big ole' healthy dose of enemy pie this year!
Since we have been focusing on setting and characters, I made this quick little worksheet to go with our read aloud. Just click on the image to download it from Googledocs.

I also made a generic one that can be used for any story.
We are also focusing on comparing contrasting so I made a little Venn Diagram to compare a friend and an enemy after reading the story:

Last but not least, I thought I would share my nightly reading log. This is sent home each night (Mon.-Thurs.) with a leveled book in my students' reading folder. Parents and students complete it together for the first few months. After Christmas, I try to have the students fill in the log by themselves(OWNERSHIP!) and just get it initialed by their parents.
 {again, just click to download}

That's all folks!
Have a fantastic weekend and GO PATS :)

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