It is time for Farley's currently!!

I love reading everyone's currently. I think it's because I am super nosy.
Tell me all your secrets - GO!

I love all things Bachelor and all I have to say is Rachel... WTF?!?

Seriously, I love all of you!! After a rough, rough week [see here] last week I spent the weekend reading all your fabulous ideas and I am recharged and ready to go for this week! I cannot thank you all enough :)

That is this year's motto!

'Nuff said

Well.. to be fair, I actually need some organizational skills first. Lacking in that department.

{Fave things}
I always forget how much I miss my fave Starbucks drink until school comes around. How did I live without it?!?! My 2nd fave thing is my fiance's new charity. One of the many reasons I love my main squeeze is his want/need to save the world. He has always wanted to start his own non-profit and boy, he's doing it! It is still in the beginning stages but here is a little sneak-peek: uBoon!

Off to read what you're doing, currently!

Oh' boy fourth grade