I was flippin' through my phone last night and I found a picture I just HAD to share with all you lovely people!
The back story:
My sister-in-law was getting married in May and I took a few days off to help with the wedding preparation. Well, she ended up not getting married (YIKES! - that's a whole different story), but I already had the days scheduled off, so I took some much needed "me" time. While I was out I left writing prompts for my students to write about what they thought I was doing on my day off. They came out so cute! Some said I was shopping with my friends, about 9 students said I was "at the local coffee shop" and a few others thought I was taking care of a sick Mr. Jones.

Oh, my sweet little munchkins...........

So after a nice 4 day weekend, I went into work bright and early with a big, relaxed smile on my face and flipped through the stack of above-mentioned writing prompts. As I was reading these I got a call over the loud-speaker saying my principal needed to see me in her office.


When I got there, she asked me to close the door behind me...


As I sat down she asked me how my days off were and I explained the crazy, intense, super long and involved short story about my sister-in-law calling off her wedding. She listened intently and then explained that while I was gone there was a bit of an incident. That the substitute had a bit of a freak out because of what a student wrote about me and she had to ask me a few questions. GULP.
Then she pulls out this:

At first, I laughed and then I noticed she was looking at me funny...
I thought *is it inappropriate to laugh right now? Ohmigod, does she want me to... like... explain myself?? Wait... I don't need to say outloud that I DON'T DRINK AT WORK, right?!?!?*

As she could see me visibly getting uncomfortable and freakin' out she BURSTS out laughing and says she's totally messing with me!

My student (ya know.... your every year's troublemaker to the max) really did write this and the sub really did freak out. She thought she had uncovered some sort of crazy secret - this first grade teacher is a drunk!!! - but my principal already handled it and explained to her that my little one craves attention and loves to make a mess of things.

The worst part....
This is BY FAR the most effort he had put into a writing assignment all year!


My principal said she thinks that because I'm always so loud & goofy.... hmm I should re-think my teaching style....

I had a good laugh over this for about a month, so hopefully you will appreciate this craziness!

{Oh, and PS}
In honor of this little guy's uhhh...creative... writing,
My (2) writing packets will be on sale over the weekend!