Just Droppin' In!


I have been gone for SO long... 

Doing things like this:
 {Friend's Bachelorette Party}
I'll stop the pictures there.... you get the idea.... 
You can tell by the picture quality what kinda *classy* joint we were in ;)

and doing this:
 Apparently these are the faces I make when trying on a gazillion wedding dresses.... 
I did find my dress though!!!! Tears were shed by all :)
 (and none of those crazy faces were made when I found THE dress)
Little sister joining in on the fun :)

and then I decided on these:
{Photography - Lightshed}

Heidi dress in silk chiffon
{Bridesmaid Dresses -J.Crew Bridal}
my best ladies could not BE any more different so they will all be picking the style that looks best on them :) - it just has to be short, navy, and silk chiffon.

and going to a friends wedding, like this:
{The future hubs & I - Congrats Laura & John!}

I just wanted to drop in and show you what I've been up to!

I start school the DAY after I get back from my vacation - yikes - but I am excited to get back to business! Before I go I have 2 things to share:

This is the LAST day to enter our *SWEET* giveaway:

The Fab-u-lous Kelley Dolling is having a FLASH $1 sale on her back to school items so go check 'em out!

Be back soon!!

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