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First and foremost, I am linking up with the hilarious Farley, over at Oh Boy it's Fourth Grade for the August currently:
Not much explanation needed here, except that I am excited to try on wedding dresses too, don't get me wrong.... but in front of my friends and family.... everyone looking and giving me their opinion... mehhhhh... we'll see how it goes!

Go link up with Farley so I can read what YOU are doing!

Onto some classroom pics!

For those of you who saw my last post with pics, I was debating my little behavior owl... and rightfully so, because I walked into my classroom today and HATED him!

And ladies and gentlemen, hate, is a strong word.

So I changed it and I am SO much happier!
 I LOVE him now and love is stronger than hate.
[The actual behavior chart can be found HERE]

My whole reading area is now mostly complete!
 My reading corner! (Aka about 1/4th the size of my room)

My book stand for themed books. Right now it is filled with back to school books! My little green treasure chest was only $5 from Walmart & holds my big books just perfectly.

Other view, with my classroom library all organized, but still in need of labels!
The rugs are from Big Lots - $19 a pop, I bought 2!

My students' individual book bins from the Dollar Tree. 
On the mini-board will be student's recommendations of great books to read!
Oh, and the letters above are new letters I made with scrapbook paper.
I had previously painted other ones. but they didn't survive the first round of moving.

This is my awesome work area! I am kinda obsessed! 
I used square frames from Michaels and found some cuter than cute scrapbook paper to go inside each one. Once there is some AMAZING work - it will be featured beautifully!
I just need to make a header for this display... I'm still thinking of a good one.

The beginning of my word wall.
Still need to add header, days of the week & number words!

 This big empty wall is what I am tackling tomorrow!
Focus wall, maybe?!?!?

Whaddya think?!?

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