Classroom Makeover - Stage 1

I finally got into my teensy weensy classroom to prepare!

Take a look at the *before* pictures:
This is from the doorway into my room...
"Wait, Susan, there has to be more room than that?! What about if you turn to the right? or the left?"
No...nope, if you turn to the right there's not any more room. To the left is another foot of space.
No secret corners, no cubbies, no sink, no windows.... not even ONE built-in cabinet.
Essentially... it is a jail cell.

Oh, and we have to take EVERYTHING off the walls before summer ends, every staple and pushpin included. 

Okay, now that you are feeling bad for me, here are some more pictures:
This is the other scenic view of my room, once I started unpacking of course!
(Yes, that is my sandal in the middle of the room, no I didn't know it was in the picture until now, and EWWW, ya I walk around barefoot in my jail cell.)

I like to dump everything on the table before I organize. Makes me feel better to see how messy it can get first. And, I blame Hadar for the excessive amounts of foam dice I am now the sole owner of.

  TA DA! Something is done!
I put up Katie's Alphabet cards and they make me smile!! I need all the help I can get in this little classroom and these are so bright and cheery and the clipart is so cute!

The other thing I worked on was my behavior clip chart for the year.
Our school mascot is the owl so I found this adorrrrrable little pack from Nicole over at First Grade Owls!
 At first I thought he was cute... but then the more I look at him, the creepier he becomes....
I am going to sleep on this one and see how I feel when I open my door & see his face tomorrow.

There is no air in our building and it has been 107 everyday.. so needless to say I am hot and tired and CRANNNKKKYYYYY... so before I drive you crazy, I'm going to lay down and relax!!

Before you go, make sure to head over to Kelley's blog and get yourself a pen pal for the year!!!

More pictures to come in the upcoming days!

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