Star of the Week! FREEBIE

Do you have a Star of the Week?!?

In my class we don't have much time for show and tell, or "sharing" so instead, I opt for a star of the week! It is quick n' easy and both the students and the parents appreciate this sweet little book we make for the star each week.

I have all the students names on colored popsicle sticks and each Friday I pick who will be the Star of the Week for the upcoming week. I also send a little note home to parents asking them to send in a picture of their child and their family to be on display for the week!

Throughout the week, the STAR is my special little helper and my line leader. I like to make them feel extra special all week and they take their weekly duties very seriously!!

Every Thursday morning we take the first 20 minutes of school to sit down and create our star of the week book as a class. The Star gets to color in the cover of the book and complete the "Some Fun Facts" page.

While the star is completing these pages, the rest of the class, including ME, is completing this page:

On Friday, I laminate the front cover and bind the book together before I read it to the class. My oh my, I swear I get teary-eyed at least once a month when I look into the crowd and see my star with the BIGGEST smile on their face as they listen to the nice things their classmates write about them.

I love it!!

And like I said before, it is always a student & parent favorite!

You can get the whole book, including the parent letter at my TPT store {here}.

If you download, I would love for some feedback on my TPT page :)

And major thanks to Nikki (Melonheadz) for the cute clipart, and Michelle (The 3AM Teacher) for the sweet chevron backgrounds!

Catch ya on the flip-side!

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