READ! My Craftventure

Now, I may have mentioned this before... but "crafting"... yeah... not so good at it. I didn't inherit that gene from my mother, who just happens to be a master seamstress/crafter extraordinaire.

That being said, I decided to put on my big girl pants and head over to Hobby Lobby.


Fabrics, paints, furniture, doodads. WHAT IS THIS PLACE!?!

I didn't even know where to begin or what half the stuff was... but I was on a mission!

I had seen these READ letters all over the blog-o-world and it seemed like a craft I could tackle. I mean... buy 4 letters, paint them... c'mon Susan, you can do this.
So, I did it!

My inspiration:
 {Katie @ Queen of the First Grade Jungle}

{Melissa & Nicole @ Lesson Plan SOS}

{Alicia @ The Bubbly Blonde}

{Tara @ 4th Grade Frolics}

And now... after many mishaps and re-dos...
Drumroll please........

Yeah, that's right, black-on-black chevron! [Of course, this happened on accident, after trying to cover up a mistake lol, but I ended up liking it!]

I'm probably supposed to explain how I did this, but all I did was buy the letters and the round wood pieces, paint them, and glue them together.
EZ-PZ lemon squeezy!

Also... the A & D look like the same color in the pictures, buttttt they aren't. The A is way more tealish green and the D is blue.

There we have it. 
My first CRAFTVENTURE and I have to say... it wasn't so bad!

Now I'm off to check out all the other marvelous crafts!
Link up with Tara and show me what you've got!