Daily 5 - Chapter 3!

Here we are with Chapter 3 of the Daily 5!
The amazing Anna Brantley over at Crazy for First Grade, Mrs. Freshwater, and Jana at Thinking Outloud were lovely enough to host these books studies. There are 2 going on (Can I join both?!?)

 Chapter 3 went through a few routines that are crucial to a successful D5 program. 

One that stood out to me was the modeling of "good-fit" books. This concept is one that I am sure every teacher talks about with their students, but the comparison to shoes in Figure 3-3, was one I loved! It makes so much sense and I can't wait to use it next year!

I also made this little poster to reinforce the concept!

Okay... I'm going to share a secret... don't judge... but I only made ONE anchor chart last year with my class, ONE. And... before last year and my blogosphere discoveries I hadn't actually heard the words "anchor chart."

Ahhhh, okay I am a horrible teacher! But hey, isn't that why we're doing this book study?!?! To learn and grow! Well, learning and growing is exactly what I'm doing! I love to doodle & create posters so I have a feeling I will be making lots and lots of adorable anchor charts with my kiddos!

Now, I have read some teachers saying they are already making anchor charts during the summer, but I thought the purpose was to make it together with the students to further enforce their learning. That way they are a part of it, right?? Please correct me if I'm wrong - I wanna make sure I have this right before I start next year!

Last, but not least, I loved the short intervals or repeated practice to build up their STAMINA! If anyone read my last post, building stamina has quickly become one of my favorite parts of introducing the D5 and I made some cute little posters to remind our students to build their "reading muscles."

You can click on the pics to get my lil reading hippos!


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