Tah Dah! & Sisterwives

After my sad news last week... I was ready for a little change!

My fiance is a hugggeee computer nerd genius and he designs websites all the time for other companies.

So why you ask, did I not ask him to design lil old blog?!? 

Mostly because I am stubborn.

When I started my blog he was willing to help me out with everything, but I wanted to venture out on this new journey by myself!

Well, as I was researching different blog designers to create my very own look, he happened to saunter over and he was not pleased that I was going to be spending money on something he could do for free!

So I caved... kinda...

He showed me some of the tips and tools he uses to design his websites and he certainly helped me with formatting this darn blog, but I finally created my own!! 

From top to bottom this new baby is mine!

I am pretty pleased with the results :)

So what do you think?!

You like my new blog design!?

The best part is... no one else can have it!

BTW... he had me use Serif Drawplus which is free... and took a long time to figure out... but it was worth it!

<3 Susan

Oh.. and I ran into these two awhile ago while shopping for furniture... Only in Vegas!
Me, Meri & Cody (from Sisterwives on TLC)