Sad news...

My dear bloggy friends,

I have some sad news.

Our district is having budget "issues" and to make a long, long, long story short, they have just implemented a RIF (reduction in force).

Here in Las Vegas the RIF is based solely on seniority and because I started in October 2010.... I was about #1,000 from the bottom.

On Monday, my first day of summer, we heard about 400 teachers would be receiving their pink slip. I went to the gym thinking I was A-okay... but when I returned an hour later (ok, really about 35 minutes later) I had a missed call and voice mail from my principal.

I received a pink slip :(

Not this cute kind either...
... oh no.... it was this kind...
I am pretty devastated because I love my school and my firsties, but I am hopeful! I have the best principal and she is doing everything in her power to keep me, but only time will tell!

On a different note, the ABC Action News from Las Vegas wanted to do a quick interview with me today and I was nerrrrrvous! The last time I as on TV was for Wheel of Fortune, but I was pretty darn good at that game. Talking to a news journalist with a microphone and a big camera in your face is pretty awkward.

They have a clip here:

Side note: it is very strange to hear your voice on TV... I don't think I really sound like that!

How do they so layoffs in your neck of the woods?!?

Give me all your good thoughts this summer as I try to find a position for this upcoming Fall!!