Ice Cream Social!

School is out for summer!!

My last day was Thursday and even though I sobbed for a good hour when my kids left, I am so excited to be on summer break!

I have NOTHING to do all summer which is an extremely relaxing thought.

I can laze by the pool...go to the all my books...

 are you jealous yet?!?

But really, I know my personality and I just cannot sit still for more than a hot minute.

So my teacher-brain has already been back to work and I just finished creating my fun back-to-school packet!

During the first week of school, when it is still HOT, and our brains are still in summer mode, I like to have a little ice cream social with my kids.

I bring in some ice cream and we enjoy it and complete some fun ice breakers. I made a bunch of literacy and math activities to go along with this little ice cream theme for the beginning of the year!

Here is a little preview of my packet:
 and it is currently for sale in my TpT store!

For everyone still in school - you can do it!!!
Now I am trying to get it in my little teacher brain that I can stay up late tonight!!



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