Our Penny Pockets - Classroom Management

Even though TECHNICALLY money is not a 1st grade common core standard, my kiddos still need to know about it right?!?


So, I have this behavior management tool called, "Our Penny Pockets" which allows me to teach and review coins and currency all year long!

Essentially, students earn pennies for their good behavior throughout the day and every Friday they can buy something from my store. There is one big, big rule though... by Friday, when it is time to cash in, students must've made all the proper exchanges. Everyday after lunch students have the opportunity to trade in 5 pennies for a nickel, or 2 nickels for a dime, etc. You better believe if a student comes to me on Friday with 12 pennies, they will be told to come back to the store next Friday with the proper coins!

The kids love it and they also get the opportunity to save for bigger cash items like lunch with me or no shoes for a day or any other fun incentives you have!

By the end of the year my kiddos are pros with their money! They want to earn their prizes :)

In my Penny Pockets Packet, you can print out the coins back-to-back and laminate them for long term use. It takes some prep to get everything ready but it is so worth it once you're finished. I also included some sales slips for the students to fill out before they cash in! 

If you like it let me know with a comment here or feedback on my TpT page!

<3 Susan

P.S. - I made my pockets from cheapo felt I bought at the local craft store, sewed them together, and stapled them to the wall. They lasted the whole year and the kids will bring them home with their foam hand at the end of the year.

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