Tracking Our Reading Growth in 1st Grade!

I blogged over at Blog Hoppin' today about how I have my little first graders track their own reading data:

Hop on over to read more and grab the free data-tracking sheets I use!


  1. Students can be empowered so that they can also monitor their progress. It's very rewarding to see how kids develop to become great readers. Thanks for sharing your idea!

  2. Whoa, this tracking sheet looks so neat! I think it’s a great idea to arouse kids’ interest so they can progress faster. Thank you so much for sharing. A few years ago we had a reading diary to write down every book or story we competed. Sadly because of my english essay writing classes I had to leave my group for a while and now I’m trying to learn any new method or teaching strategy I can find. It’s really amazing when you can make lesson both productive and entertaining.


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