Is it really almost back to school?!?

2 weeks from today I report back at school.

is the first thing that comes to mind.

Once I get over the initial depression, I actually get a little excited.

A new batch of smiling little first graders will show up in room 102 and I will be a little nervous and jittery as I start my 5th year of teaching. Once we all get over the jittery stage we will all get to know one another and then it will be smooth sailing through the year and into next summer! Right?! (smile and nod, smile and nod)

Also, once school starts there are only 7 more weeks until my baby boy is due! GAH! I think it is going to FLY and I just pray that I can get everything ready in time!

To help relieve some stress, I am doing more during the summer to prepare for school than I ever have before. I usually wait until about 2 days before school starts to even think about anything. Now... not so much!

I can't actually get into my classroom yet, but in the meantime I am printing, laminating, and organizing. Printing, laminating, and organizing. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

Here are some of the things I am getting ready:
The activities in these two packs are perfect icebreakers for the first couple weeks of school!

I am also getting my close reading passages prepared for small groups:

Once September rolls in, we will be learning all about apples so this little pack will come in quite handy:

Lastly, I am getting my newest "I have, who has?" math games prepped as we speak:
I will have a post on these ready for tomorrow.

All these items and more in my store are on sale for 28% off on TPT today and tomorrow!

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