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100th Day and Phonics Games

 Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, we have an hour long block set aside for centers! I love this because I can group my students accordingly and get to work on those skills they desperately need for a whole, mostly uninterrupted 60 minutes. This week was all about phonics development in my centers.
Roll, Spell, and Cover! Students at this center had to draw upon previously taught spelling patterns and phonemic sounds to spell different short vowel words. I also have this game using long vowel words and digraphs. You can find this game in my First Grade Common Core Language unit.

Cover up! This center group was working on those tricky digraphs! This unit is SO old and is in the process of a pretty new makeover, but the games work all the same! This center is from my Showstopping Digraphs pack!

It was also our 100th day recently! Our 100th day of school came and went this past Thursday. We had loads of fun, but my students' favorite part of the day was creating their 100th day snack mix!
Each student gets 10 small dixie cups and a variety of snacks! They have to put 10 pieces of the same snack in each cup. Once everyone has filled up their 10 cups, we all count by tens together as we pour the cups into their freezer bag. Throughout the day, I tell my students when they can eat 10 pieces of their snack mix and we subtract that 10 from 100 to determine how many more snacks we have in our bags. A little math, the fun way!

Of course, no 100th day would be complete without the infamous "When I'm 100 years old...." writing prompt. They always crack me up! This little one above was all about using those labels we learned about last week. #proudteacher


  1. So jealous about your blogger meet up! Wish I lived closer :( Glad you guys had fun. Love your cover up games.
    Curious Firsties

  2. "Blind blind. Help help!" hahah--I love it! Thanks for a laugh! The dress you wore to the wedding looks great on you, Susan!

    Have a great week!
    Little Miss Primary

    P.S. Glad to see I'm not the only one posting a Five for Friday on Sunday :)

  3. So cute! Love that kiddo's writing! Your the oldest of four? I'm the youngest of four...3 boys and I'm the only girl. Funny! Stay warm.
    A Burst of First


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