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Composing 2D Shapes Free Center Cards!

Money is now a thing of the past and geometry is where it's at in room 102!

We have been identifying 2D shapes and their characteristics, while also getting familiar with these shapes by PLAYING! I mean... "composing" new shapes with pattern blocks and geoboards!

I love geometry because it is all hands-on and the kids have a lot of fun learning about shapes! It also lets me see which of kids need more practice with spatial reasoning.

I created these little center cards that we used today and I thought I would offer them up as a freebie:

There are 18 cards that you can download HERE:

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I also had my students working on the geoboards today with these fun shape cards:

The sweet Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies made these and you can get them HERE!!

We will be working on these centers the whole week! I need to enjoy the fun of playing with shapes, because our next math unit is place value.... EEEK!


  1. Perfect timing! Just started Geometry with my group last week. Thanks for this great freebie!

  2. I can't wait to use these in my class! Thanks for sharing, Susan!!

    Little Miss Primary

  3. Thank you so much for the shape cards! I was just thinking today that I needed to make some! Love These!!

  4. Although we already studied shapes, I am really looking forward to incorporating this into center time as additional practice! Thanks for making it a freebie :) Can't wait to look through the rest of your materials now!

  5. I love the geometry cards! I can't wait to use these with my first graders! Thanks so much for sharing!

    A+ Classroom Creations

  6. How much fun are your cards? Thank you!

  7. Wow - thanks so much for these awesome cards! Printing these out now!

    Lucky to Be in First

  8. Thanks for the freebie! I love teaching geometry, too! It's always a fun unit. :)

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity. I just used these as an extension piece with a group of 1st graders. They really dug into the activity. The only problem is that one of the first things a child noticed is that the rhombus pictured is not a rhombus (needs 4 congruent sides). It sparked a whole conversation about what makes a rhombus a rhombus, therefore we can also call a square a rhombus and the term parallelogram, which was really good extension for some of them. But, as a math coordinator, I stress the importance of using the correct age-appropriate terms to help avoid confusion in later classes. I didn't feel comfortable leaving the cards with the teachers to use with the rest of the class until I have time to make ones with a different picture. Thanks again for sharing.

  10. I can't thank you enough! I have been searching for a creative way to teach this to my first graders and I stumbled across your post. Your work is simply amazing. You are a blessing!!

  11. Thanks for sharing your day! I love that you have extended day!!! I wish we could, too.. There is never enough time!! Thanks again! I love all that you do! Amy

  12. Thank you so much giving of your time and effort in making these cards! These will be very useful!

  13. When I click on the free download, nothing happens. How do I download it? Thank you!


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