CYBER MONDAY & TUESDAY & A Super Quick Giveaway!!

So much shopping... so little time...

This Thanksgiving weekend has been amazing so far! Parks and I found our first ever Christmas tree and we are currently trying to decorate it with ornaments and garland and lights and all this other stuff we have never owned before! I can only imagine that it will be a beautiful baby tree soon.

In the meantime, I am here to remind everyone that there is a BIG sale coming up on Monday and Tuesday! Big, big, BIG! The cyber Monday/Tuesday sale is here and ALL my products will be 20% off for the full two days. TPT also has a special promo code (CYBER) to enter during checkout and you can receive an extra 10% off!
Thank you, Amy, for the button!

I recently uploaded three new products to my store that will also be on sale:

I finally finished part 2 of my 1st grade language pack!

Since I completed Part 2, I was able to bundle it with Part 1 for a discounted price:

I also JUST uploaded my newest subtraction unit that my kids are loving right now:

So there you have it! Get shopping!

And since there are only a few more weeks til Christmas... one of my best blogging friends, Katie, decided it was time for a giveaway! I hopped on board. Here is what you can win:

All you have to do to win:

Good luck & remember this giveaway is SUPER quick! So don't miss out :)

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