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What's Your Schedule?! Linky!

Having moved from Vegas to Mass and teaching the same grade level, I am amazed about how different the day-to-day schedules are!

It got me thinking...

How long is your school day? How long do you have for each subject? Do you have a Social Studies or Science block? Do you get time for planning or PD each week?

I am NOSY!

The beginning of my school year was crazy-hectic so many of you may have already shared your schedules, but if you want to share them again and make my stalking life a bit easier, LINK UP!

I would love to see what your school day looks like!

Grab the button:
Many thanks, Melonheadz & MTF fonts

This is what my week looks like:

Does my schedule look similar to yours?! Or are we wayyyy off??

**Some answered questions:**
- Our morning meeting is with the kids each day.
- We have duty free lunch for 45 minutes each day except Friday which is 30 minutes
-So far this year, we have had PD about half the time and planning with our team the other half on Fridays - it is awesome. Yesterday, our principal let us leave at 1230 as a reward for our extra time! However, I think those days will be few and far between.
-We also have planning while the students are at specials for an hour and 5 minutes
-Our scheduled time in each morning is 7:29 - it is an early start so we just have to be there to pick up the kids! Our time to leave is right after the kids leave.
-I do not get to choose my own schedule. This is the schedule of the entire 1st grade team which was given to us by our principal!
- I have a full time para - GASP! Yeah... with me.... all day long... I am VERY lucky!
- My kids' specials change each day and we have: Library, Music, P.E., Dance, Art, & Safe/Caring (a class all about being kind friends!)
- When my students go to enrichment on Fridays it is an afternoon full of music, arts, literacy and nutrition! Currently my students practice dance, boxing, and they are learning about the composer, Carl Orff. Next week they will start a new 6 week rotation and learn all about Futsol, Storytelling, and Health/Nutrition. Some classes are sponsored and taught by the instructors who sponsor them while other classes during that time are taught by our specialists and volunteers.

Anything else? Feel free to ask!


  1. Wow I have never seen a schedule like that! It's interesting yall change schedules throughout the week. I envy your long lunches!! And handwriting for 30 minutes wowee! It is really cool to see other teacher's schedules.
    The Blessed OCDiva

  2. Wow, what a long day! It is 2 hours longer than our day. We're in school 9-3.

  3. The students are in class 9-3 and teaches have 25 minutes on each side as prep. Then we have a 40 time each week with our grade level. I really like the font you used, please tell me what it it. abqgreene@gmail.com

  4. You have really long days! But, you have specials time during the day, where I assume you aren't with your students. We don't get any time during the day (except lunch) when we're not with our kids. I'll post and link up soon!

    1. To add . . . we go from 8:00 - 2:15 M-Th; Friday is early release at 12:30.

  5. That's a long day! I am also a Mass teacher - our day starts at 8:45 and goes until 2:35 everyday, except Wednesday, when the students get dismissed at 1:30. How interesting that two teachers in the same state can have such different schedules!

  6. Is your morning meeting with students...please clarify

  7. Just linked up! Can I just say that I am totally jealous of your planning time on Fridays?!? That is awesome!! Do you have PD often during that time or are you able to get things done for your classroom/team?

    Katie :)
    KTP: Keep Teaching and Planning!

  8. Looks like a great schedule! We are on a 10 day rotation!!! It's slightly insane and completely impossible for my first graders to figure out. We are constantly reviewing the schedule during the day as there isn't much consistency to it. Most of our mornings are very similar, but with specials in the afternoons the schedule is all over the place. This is our second year with this type of schedule. By June of last year I still didn't know it (and it's all different this year!).

  9. Great idea for a LINKY and it is a perfect time to do it! Thanks Susan!
    from Well, Michelle?

  10. HOLY SMOKES - that is a loooonggg day for you! Wow! In the Bay Area, I teach 8:25 - 2:30 and I need a nap after that! Thanks for sharing!

    Lucky to Be in First

  11. Woah! Your schedule is intense! My instructional day starts at 9:10 and ends at 3:21, but we have universal breakfast at 8:50.

  12. It is so interesting to see how different everyone's schedules are. ✿April✿
    Grade School Giggles

  13. Looks like a great schedule! What does a Math Workshop look like? I am trying to make math more interesting in my room!

    1. Math workshop is set up just like reader's/writer's workshop!

      Mine looks like this:
      20 minutes - calendar, #of the day, skip counting
      10 minutes - focus lesson
      15 minutes - guided practice
      40 minutes - independent math work stations
      15 minutes - closure on mat

  14. What a great idea for a linky!!! I'm curious too and am looking forward to seeing other teacher's schedules :)

  15. You're right; it's fun to see other teachers' schedules and how long they have for each subject. I am a kindergarten Title I teacher at a small local school district that has been departmentalized and has had ability leveled classes for over 30 years (no self-contained classrooms here). We have 5 teachers per grade so students rotate to each teacher for a different subject about 50-60 min for each class, even kindergarten does this. Our school day begins at 7:50 (busses start arriving around 7:15) and dismissal is at 2:50. Our school day is the longest in our surrounding area districts.


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