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Subtraction for 1st Grade! {What's the Difference?}

My first graders are elbow-deep in these fun subtraction activities and games!

We are learning all sorts of subtraction strategies and practicing some hands-on math!
Students practice building and removing counters or cubes in this easy subtraction center.
(You may have seen the similar free addition game on my blog awhile back)

After learning how to visualize the problem and draw pictures we practiced lots and lots of story problems! Some are more basic and others are multi-step challenges for my firsties! Check out this one below... after lots of practice... my kids rocked this one!

We have also been playing lots and lots of GAMES! We play all sorts of hands-on, dice rolling, paperclip spinning math games for about 30 minutes a day. My kids loveeeee to learn a new game and literally clapped for this one - ha!

I also made some anchor charts to display in the classroom when teaching different subtraction strategies:

I compiled all these subtraction activities, games, printables, and anchor charts in my new pack:

There is a lotttttt more in this new pack, so click above if you would like to download the preview.

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  1. I love your subtraction strategy anchor charts! So cute! I'm heading to TpT now to put them in my cart!

    A+ Classroom Creations

  2. Love!! Thanks so much for the subtraction freebie!!! The Anchor charts are perfect!!!

  3. Thanks for these! So great!

    Alli :-)

  4. Can you create your addition and subtraction packets for kindergarten. Our addition/subtraction facts would be 0-10 using math tools and mental math to/from 5. If your packets are editable, I can do it.
    R. Winters


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