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Recognizing, Representing, and Ordering Numbers to 120

These past couple weeks have been spent building our number knowledge!

We are practicing recognizing our numbers, representing our numbers with pictures and manipulatives, and ordering our numbers all the way to 120!

We started with out numbers to 20. I had students cut out these simple number cards, order them, and represent each number using cubes:

After much practice with our 120 charts, we started ordering numbers 1-120 which was MUCH harder for my kids! I use numbers cards 1-120 and the students must pull 4 at a time and put them in order. At this time in the year, I allow my students to use their 120 charts as reference. A few weeks down the road, we will be trying this again without the 120 chart and instead we will rely on place value and our number sense to order the numbers.

Some of my lower groups are still working on identifying and representing numbers 1-20 so we we've been using 10s frames to help us quickly identify our numbers:
A little memory matching fun!

We have also been practicing our number words using spin and graph! Students work with a partner to spin the spinner 10 times and tally their results. After they tally, students graph how many of each number they landed on. The graphing page contains the number words for students to read instead of the numerals! This group was working on the numbers 1-8, while my higher groups were working on numbers in their teens:

They are getting it and I am loving it! They have been working SO hard and while I cannot wait to go on my honeymoon next week, I will miss these little sweeties!!!

If you are looking for any of the games/activities above, they are available in my Numbers to 120 unit:

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  1. I love that last activity with the tallying and number words! I am a little frustrated with my new teammate who is planning math because she thinks the best way to have them practice knowing those words is to write them over and over again. I disagree! I suggested another activity, but this is another great activity for teaching tallying, graphing, and number words! It's definitely on my wishlist for when I have money again!

    Blooming In First

  2. Looks like great practice. Those cards are super cute.

    What math curriculum does your district use?

    Just curious.

    Compassionate Teacher

  3. Hey Susan,
    Just finally catching up on reading your blog. CONGRATULATIONS on getting a new job. I am so excited for you and the new chapter that you are starting. I'm not gonna lie. . . I was THRILLED to see that you would still be in first grade. Thanks for the Rocket freebie I can't wait to use it in my room. Have a great year Mrs. Jones!!!!

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars


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