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Cheez-its for some CVC fun! Throwback Thursday Post!

I am loving Cara's throwback posts and since I will be moving into my new apartment this weekend, this happens to be a great time to look back and pull out some gems from the past.
I chose my Cheez-its post because my kids lovedddd it when we did it in class and it was SO simple! There is also a little freebie for you to download if you want to do this in your class :)


My kids had a GREAT day today!

So great, that I could fiinnnaalllyyyy reward them with this little treat I have had stored away for a few weeks!

We spent the end of the day making CVC words with Cheez-It's new Scrabble Jr. snacks!
I made a little CVC word mat for students to make their words and a recording sheet. The only rule was they had to make a real word and record it before they could eat their Cheez-Its! That being said, my little ones were quiet and focused on making as many words as they could!
This little lady was so proud to have made her own name!

I uploaded my CVC mats and recording sheet to Googledocs if you want to download them. The Cheez-Its were like $3 at my local grocery store so this was my favorite kind of activity (cheap!).

Happy hump day!


  1. Cute idea! I'm also moving next week so I checked out your old post. I LOVE your style! I'm trying to find lamps just like that. And I have that same rug in a different color! Best of luck!


  2. How fun! I love the idea of a simply activity to work on word building. Thanks for sharing. :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  3. So fun! Perfect for the beginning of the year after reviewing vowel sounds. Thanks for sharing this throwback!

    For the Love of First Grade

  4. Love it! With Kindergarteners, we won't be able to do this until after Christmas most likely, but I definitely plan on using it! So fun!

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten

  5. What a fun activity for the beginning of school... hopefully I do not have any no dairy, or gluten free kids this year in my room so I can utilize this. Thank you.

  6. I LOVE the CVC idea with the Cheeze-Its! I made some cards a few months ago using Dolch sight words (all except the 2nd grade list) and have them on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook. If you're interested, go check them out! :)


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