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Late Nights & Lattes.. a lil sumthin' new!

Well, well, well....

Sunday is here, summer countdown is on, and this lady has WAY too many things going on! I swear it is the only way I can function. Lots of big changes have been happenin' in my life and I needed another outlet to share!

That being said, I have been working on my personal blog this past week and I am happy to say it has launched!! 


This blog is not teaching related but instead will follow me over the next few years as I plan to:
-get married
-buy a house
-try to get preggers...without explicit details... its not THAT kind of late night ;)

It is just in the beginning stages so please be patient with things that may not be working and feel free to follow along!

If not, it's a-okay! I will be back in a few days with some test prep fun for our 4th grade buddies!


  1. Good luck on all your endeavors! I checked out your new blog and I can't wait to follow along.

  2. You have so many fun and BIG things going on! Would love to follow along!

    For the Love of First Grade


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