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Earth Day Fun & a Freebie!

We had a F-U-N Earth Day today!

We were hugging trees and singing songs all of last week, so today was time to get to work and show a little bit about we had learned.

We read both of these books last week:
and today we focused on the book Tell Me, Tree by the fabulous Gail Gibbons!

I quickly whipped up this little craft to go with our non-fiction book about trees:
We read the book again, stopping to add facts to a group bubble map, and then we recorded some facts we learned onto the leaves of the craft!

The following are examples of how much more creative my kids are than me - ha! I had the teacher example (shown above) on display and without any prompting my kids were showing me up big time with their creative trees!
 Why didn't I think of roots?!

 A labeled diagram - SO cute!

 Rainbows and tulips!

Horizontal paper WITH rain?!? I was floored with this one.

Even though Earth Day is over, you can still snag this little freebie from my TPT store for a little non-fiction writing activity. Or just stash it away for next year!

We also did both of these today:
Don't be a Litter Monster! - an ADORABLE book written by the talented Lyndsey Kuster. Click {here} to get her Earth Day unit.

"If we don't..." - Flipbook freebie by Cara Carroll. Click {here} to download. 
(I don't know why mine is horizontal... I think it is old from last year?)

How did you celebrate your Earth Day?!


  1. Love your trees! Thanks for the freebie :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. Those trees are DARLING! Thanks for the shout out. Love you girl!!!

    1. ALWAYS! My kids loved that book! So cute!

  3. Such a cute activity! Love how it is non-fiction!

    For the Love of First Grade

  4. I LOVE this little craft! I am printing it now and saving it for next year! Thank you so much!

    Polka Dots, Checks and Stripes

  5. I gave you a little shout-out tonight and thought you might like to check it out! Have a great week!
    Karen Rowland
    Adventures With Firsties


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