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Goodbye 2013: My Year in Pictures!

I have spent the last month as unplugged as I could be and let me tell you... it has been WONDERFUL! I spent loads of time of family and friends and just enjoying these last few moments of 2013.

This year was a big one for me!

In March, we sent out our Save the Dates:

In May, Parker and I decided to move back home to Massachusetts to start our life closer to family. That meant saying goodbye to a lot of good friends and my first teaching job in Las Vegas.
Good-bye Las Vegas!

We planned THIS elaborate scheme to tell my family we were coming home!

In June, we traveled across the country on a road trip back home to Massachusetts! We visited Utah, Denver, Kansas City, Chicago, and Washington DC, before finally landing back home in Mass!
Once we landed in Mass, Parker scored big with a job in New Hampshire and we moved a little farther north into a beautiful new apartment. Shortly after, I got a 1st grade teaching job in Massachusetts and there was reason for more celebration!

Oh yah.... and then in September, Parker and I GOT MARRIED!!!!! And went on an amazing honeymoon!!! By far the best part of 2013 :)

Now, the year is ending... Our good friends are having a baby boy, we bought our first Christmas tree, and we traveled to Denver for Christmas with Parker's family!

SO many amazing things happened in 2013 - I cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store for us :)

I will be back soon (promise) with some things I've been working on... in the meantime, to celebrate the new year, some Blog Hoppers are throwing a 20% off sale all day today and tomorrow!

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Subtraction for 1st Grade! {What's the Difference?}

My first graders are elbow-deep in these fun subtraction activities and games!

We are learning all sorts of subtraction strategies and practicing some hands-on math!
Students practice building and removing counters or cubes in this easy subtraction center.
(You may have seen the similar free addition game on my blog awhile back)

After learning how to visualize the problem and draw pictures we practiced lots and lots of story problems! Some are more basic and others are multi-step challenges for my firsties! Check out this one below... after lots of practice... my kids rocked this one!

We have also been playing lots and lots of GAMES! We play all sorts of hands-on, dice rolling, paperclip spinning math games for about 30 minutes a day. My kids loveeeee to learn a new game and literally clapped for this one - ha!

I also made some anchor charts to display in the classroom when teaching different subtraction strategies:

I compiled all these subtraction activities, games, printables, and anchor charts in my new pack:

There is a lotttttt more in this new pack, so click above if you would like to download the preview.

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Thanksgiving Fun

 It's all turkeys and pilgrims in our room! 

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving with some fun holiday activities.

These crafts & writing are decorating our room:
 (on a side note, these grainy pictures make me really want to take the bull by the horns and learn how to use my new camera!)

Those writing prompts are from Deanna Jump's Thanksgiving unit and the turkeys are actually my number of the day turkey! There is a long story involving printer paper and a RISO and a time crunch... but I won't bore you with that.... 

Essentially it is the sad, sad reason we didn't make these fun turkeys:
 Next year, it WILL happen!

We are also full-swing into turkey themed math games!
  Comparing #s review!

 Ordering #s 1-120

 Addition with 3 addends practice

Spin-a-Story Problem!

All the math games (and the turkey) are available in my "Thanksgiving Math Centers"
We also started diving into the real REASON we are celebrating Thanksgiving! We learned all about the Pilgrims and their voyage and we started recording our vocabulary in this notebook from my pal, Stephanie (Falling into First):
This is just one of the amazing activities she has in her new Thanksgiving Unit

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First Grade Common Core Language Standards

These first grade language and grammar activities are such a fun way for my first graders to practice these important Common Core skills.

SO happy to announce that part two of my Common Core Language pack for first grade is FINITO!

I have worked so hard on this bad boy and I wanted to highlight a few of the activities inside:

Meet the Capitalizing Crew! This is a fun spin on learning all about capitalization. Carly, Chris, and Chloe will help your students practice beginning capitalization, capitalization of names, and capitalization in dates. There are a few fun activities to use with this crew and some printable practice pages.

Roll, Spell, and Cover! This game is already in use in my classroom and my kids are loving it. This helps my kids sound out words phonetically drawing on what they've learned so far this year. Students roll a die, find a word that corresponds, spell it and cover! There is a short vowel board, a long vowel board, and a digraphs board.

Be a Wordsmith! The second half of this pack is all about vocabulary! I encourage my students to become wordsmiths and not only find and define interesting new words, but to use them as often as possible!

Categories: Students spin the spinner and sort words into different categories based on their meaning. There are 3 different game boards.

 Root word, Prefix, and Suffix anchor charts!

 After learning all about prefixes and suffixes, students make numerous little flip books and create sentences with each word.

 List it: Students practice using commas correctly with this activity! Students will pull a picture card and create a detailed sentence using the three items in the picture.

 Multiple meaning match-ups! Students dive deeper into vocabulary and match up these words with their two different meanings.

These are just a few of many different activities in Part 2 of the pack!

If you want to see ALL of my first grade grammar activities click the image below:

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Anchor Charts Galore!

My class is becoming covered in first grade anchor charts.

A couple weeks ago, I shared this picture on my FB page:
This is only about 1/4th of the anchor charts in my room.

I have used anchor charts in previous years, but only about 1 per subject and I would switch them out each month. This year is a whole new story! I am getting ready to re-arrange and file away some of these anchor charts to make room for new ones, so I thought I would share what I currently have taking over my walls.

*Side note: about half of these were found or inspired while scouring blog posts from ALL over*

Addition Strategies:

 Math Vocab:


Reading Punctuation:

Just Right Books:



Treating Books Right:

 Close Reading:

Writing Norms:

 Lucy Calkins - What do I do when I'm done?

Happy long weekend!! 

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