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Friday Photos!

[Note to readers]:
I was writing this last night, hence the title, and somehow fell asleep at my computer. Woops! So let's all just rewind a little bit back to Friday night. Sound good?


It is a three day weekend for this gal and I am SO excited to just relax and hang out with the babe. We had a jam-packed week and I thought I would leave you with a few highlights from our week.


This is a Kagan strategy that helps students identify the main topic of a text. We have been working on non-fiction and this little activity is perfect! The kids love doing it too! 
  How it works:
Students listen to me orally read a paragraph aloud. Students get about 1 minute to sketch (draw) what they think the main topic is. When time is up they will turn to a partner and share what they drew and why they thought it was the main topic. Students will formulate one sentence to write in their draft section. Students and teacher repeat process for the other two paragraphs. When complete, students will try to come up with a 1 sentence summary of the entire passage.

**The papers I used above are from a Kagan training which I cannot distribute, but I am sure you could search online and find something similar!

 {Fire Safety}
Earlier in the year, the firefighters had to reschedule their visit with us, so our official fire safety day was today! Here is one of my littles practicing his stop, drop, and roll.

When we got back, I had my students write down some of the things they learned using a paper from Teri's fire safety pack!

{Adjective Pumpkins}
I am sure you have seen Kelley's adjective pumpkins all over the blog-world lately, but man, oh, man... I LOVE these! They make me so happy :) Here are a few of my faves:
I wish I could show you that first little guy's face - it is PRICELESS! He is trying to make the same angry face as his pumpkin. :)

Okay... so I started this post on Friday, finished it Saturday morning. Now I am off for some Dunkin' Donuts bagels and coffee!

Enjoy your long weekend!


  1. CUTE! Love it all, Susan! :) Enjoy your coffee and bagels. YUMMM!

    1. :) I certainly enjoyed my coffee and bagels! Thanks for stopping by, Lyndsey!

  2. Excellent, Susan! As ALWAYS!!! Thanks so much for sharing. :) Here's to sleeping in your BED tonight instead of at the computer.
    Growing Firsties is having a Pete the Cat Giveaway that also donates to Hurricane Sandy Relief!

    1. Haha! Thank Lisa, I was in my bed, just with the computer slumped all over me! I will be computer-free tonight, that's for sure :)

  3. Love, LOVE the smart pumpkin with the brain! Yum! Dunkin' Donuts!
    Have an awesome 3-day weekend! :)

    The Teacher Diaries

    1. Isn;t that pumpkin just to die for?! She is so stinkin cute and creative :) I hope you have a great 3 day weekend too!

  4. Your kids did a great job on their pumpkins! Oh and I'm a new follower of yours as well as a fellow first grade teacher. Looking forward to reading more of your great ideas!


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