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The Magical Product Swap Presents THE Katie King!

A little while ago, I joined Jessica's product swap, and let me tell you... I was SO EXCITED when I got my partner :)

I got the one and only, KATIE KING!

Yes, that is right, Katie King, Queen of the First Grade Jungle!

I have been a follower (read:stalker) of her blog forever and she has the cutest ideas, the cutest classroom, AND can I say she also has the cutest kids?!?

She is seriously so sweet and has been such a great friend to this newbie blogger, I couldn't be happier to feature her!

I had the hardest time choosing just ONE product from Katie's store, but I ended up going with her Sporty Kids Math Packet:

This is a gigantic, 90 page packet FILLED with common core aligned math games!

Our district adopted Common Core last year and it was quite the jump from our old NV state standards - especially in math. I definitely welcomed the change because our state needs to get their butts in gear and become more competitive! However, I had to keep making game, after game, after game, because we didn't have any resources for these much harder math standards!

Well, This packet is a HUGE resource and I have already sent along the link to my co-workers so they can get their butts in gear too! ;)

lemme show you the goods:
  [click on the pics to make them bigger]

{Tennis Top-it}

 Umm, a little tennis court to play on with those cute tennis kiddos?!?!

{Even & Odd Sort Using 3 Addend Addition}

Students solve the 3 addend addition problem and then decide whether the sum is even or odd!
Then of, course they can sort the cards under those adorable goalie nets!

{Basketball Snack Stand Measurement}

Okay, this is one of my FAVES in this packet!! My students are going to loveeee running around the classroom measuring all sorts of items with cotton candy, soda, pretzels, ice cream! So perfect to keep the little ones engaged!

({On small side note: I estimated my kitty, Jarvis, is about 4 pizzas long.. when not being all fidgety.}

This game is so fun & I love that it has a 2 digit mat and a 3 digit mat! My little smarties can challenge themselves with the 3 digit comparisons while the rest of us focus on comparing 2 digit numbers :)

{Dancing Fact Families}

What about my little girly girls, you say?!? THIS!
This little activity has the students figure out the missing addend (or the sum) in these fact family cards and then they record each fact family in their Dancing Fact Families Book!

Math centers for the year: Check!

And this was only a snippet of what is in Katie's amazing packet!
Also in the packet are these games:

Yeah, she's thought of everything!
And guess what.... she's offering her packet for SALE (20% off) all day today!!
Queen TPT Button
Check it out, because it sure won't disappoint!!

 Be sure to click on this adorable little button to get *magically* transported back to Jessica's page and take a looksie at the other awesome bloggers participating in the product swap!
{Button by the ever-fabulous Michelle @ the 3AM teacher}


  1. WOW!!! Amazing :)

    ✏ Mrs. Stanford's Class ✏
    I hope you enjoyed the swap enough to join us again next time around :) the form is on our main post :) ❤

  2. Susan- you are tooo sweet. LOVE the picture of your cat!! I can't wait to take pics of my kids doing your activities in just 2 short weeks! AHHH!

  3. All of her products are amazing! And can I tell you, I seriously freaked out over your ice cream unit! I have never seen your products before and that unit is gorgeous! I am so impressed and glad I visited. :)
    Apples and ABC's

    1. Thanks Michelle!! That is super sweet of you :)

  4. OH! This looks awesome!! Now on to go check out yours! :)
    Rowdy in Room 300

    1. It IS awesome! I am so excited to use it this year!

  5. This looks amazing. So many kids will love this activity. I love packets that are packed full of activities :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

    1. I know, me too! This one was full of fun games!

  6. I am dying over that measurement activity. My kids would LOVE that!
    Adventures in Room 5

    1. Lol, I know right?! Mine are going to have a ball!


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