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Start the year off *WRITE* freebie!

It was Meet the Teacher day today and I must say I am soooo excited to get those little cuties on Monday! They were so precious!

I made them a little treat to take home with them that I wanted to share with you guys:
I found these adorable little candy pencils on Pinterest last week and I knew I HAD to make them for my kiddos! It has a package of Rolos as the base of the pencil and a Hershey's Kiss for the tip! Add some construction paper, some tape, a glue dot, and a cute little saying and VOILA!

{Here} is my "pinspiration" so you can see the original post.

I made the tags, so I turned 'em into a googledoc to share with everyone for today's freebie. These little gifts can be given out anytime at the beginning of the year and they were a big hit!
[click image to download]

Here are a few other pics:
{My *kiss your brain* jar}

{My Kickin' off a Great Year board}
This is going to go perfectly with Hadar's Kickin' Goals we will be making soon!

I will be in and out of my classroom all weekend preparing for my official first week with my kids, but I am soooo close to finishing a packet for ya'll that I am SUPER excited about! The goal is it will be ready and posted by Monday. I will try my hardest to post it!

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    1. Thanks Tammy!! Hadar's goals packet gave me the idea! I am going to make a goal on the right and our her craftivity will go there!

  2. Very cute pencil idea. Thanks for reminding me to buy some kisses. I forgot ahhhh. Okay I have one more week. Thanks for sharing your freebie.

    1. Walmart had a big variety pack for like $6!!

  3. I love, love, love this - I have printed so much in color, that I've cut myself off. This hits the spot. Thank you SO much!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

    1. Ha! ME too!! I have had to refill all my printer cartridges 3 times in 2 months... the fiance is not pleased. I'm glad I can help you out!!

  4. I love your Kiss Your Brain jar!! I have one on my LONG to-do list!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  5. You are so creative!!! I love it!! I agree with Teri, I love that Kiss Your Brain jar! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  6. Love the pencil! I am obsessed with teaching writing and I think I might make these to kick of my first lesson! The kids would love it! Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

    1. I love teaching writing too!! I thought this would be a cute way to say "welcome to my class"!

  7. I love the kiss your brain jar! What a great idea.


    1. Thanks Mrs. Goodwin! I've seen a bunch of cute ones out there in blog world!


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