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Stop throwing everything away!

Okay, so come the new year, does anyone else go around telling people your resoultion in hopes that if other people know, you won't give up, because helloooo, that would just be embarrassing!?

 I mean if I tell everyone and their mother that I want to lose 20 lbs this year.. IT HAS TO HAPPEN, right?!

Well... let's hope that works...

I saw this linky hosted by Amanda over at Teaching Maddeness, and thought I would join in so you all can hold me accountable for my actions this year!
My new {school} year resoultions!
...or at least not go to Starbucks AS much...
trying to save money for wedding.
I don't know how this one will go, but I did have a dream last night that I had a spot in my classroom for my Kuerig and all my cute little coffee mugs I've accumulated as teacher gifts :) It was heavenly.
Gosh darn this one frustrates me! It is always 10 minutes after a lesson when I'm reflecting on how great (or not so much...) it went that I realize I didn't take any pictures to document the lesson! I am hoping that since I have a blog now, I will remember to take more!
I have the opposite problem of most teachers. All my colleagues hold onto ev-er-y-thing. Seriously, everything. I don't know what for or when they will use it again or if it is worth having all the extra storage space, but me? I am an addicted purger. I throw away everything. If I have a pile on my desk and it should be sorted through, organized, filed neatly away... I look from left to right to see if anyone is looking and rush right over the recycling bin. This is a great feeling of relief. Then the obvious, "oh crap! I needed that! "comes in about a week or two later. Am I the only one with this problem?! 
[4] HAVE FUN (outside of school)!
I already have fun IN school. All day, every most days!! Sometimes I have so much fun, I stay on the weekends. My goal this year is to try my darnedest to remember my life OUTSIDE of work. I have to come to the realization that there will alwaysalwaysalways be something to do for school. I could always make something cuter, better, more effective, but sometimes I need to take a break and have some me time! Or at least some me and hubs time!

So there you have it! My new {school} year resolutions!
Will you hold me to them!? Pretty please. The future hubs is a softy and he never does.



  1. I loved this post! I used to have new school year resolutions...especially taking more pics! I always forgot to. I haven't been in a classroom since I had my first child 4 years ago. Sometimes I really miss it. Then I remember that I don't have to get up before dawn, and I forget all that! lol I just followed...and I look forward to reading more!

  2. oops! Meant to say I always forget "too." lol pet peeve of mine!

    1. lol, thanks for stopping by & following Angie :) I am hopingggg to take a lot more pictures this year, so you will be able to see them!

  3. i throw everything away too!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one!! My co-workers think I'm crazy!

  4. I also throw everything away too! I think it's healthy to not keep everything but I could stand to file more things and dump less.
    Adventures in Room 5

  5. I have to laugh, because you & I have a lot in common lol. I am the worst about throwing everything away when the piles overwhelm me. I am also horrible with taking pictures. I forget my camera for every important event. I'm thinking of just buying a cheap camera to keep at school, so I have no excuses anymore! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  6. Oh my heck, you're so much like me. I throw out EVERYTING! I'm usually turning to my teacher buddies for extra supplies. I also need to remember to take pictures and then to take them OFF my camera. :) I too could spend less time at school and more time at home. I don't drink coffee, but I need to drink more water.
    Good luck with your resolutions!
    Where Seconds Count

  7. Thanks for linking up to the party! I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves to purge! :) I always know I'm going to regret it later, but it feels so good to get rid of that "stuff." :)

    Best of luck with your resolutions this year!

    Teaching Maddeness

  8. Hi Susan!!!!!
    I have been a purger for the last few years and when I walked in my room the other day I was like.... hmmm... maybe I could start tomorrow. (not really, but I don't have a lot of junk! Feels good.)

    I nominated you for an award!!! Come over and pick it up. :)

  9. I totally identify with being a "throw-aholic"...sometimes I throw away too much and am known for having to go dumpster diving to get something very important back! :/ Happy Tuesday!



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