Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Little Saturday Catch Up!

Well folks, this momma has to go back to school on Monday.

It has been the most amazing past 4.5 months of my entire life and I have all sorts of mixed emotions about going back.

I love my baby boy, but I am SO ready to have a schedule... a routine... an adult life again (even though most of my day will be spent with 6 year olds - ha!)

I am also dreading that my day away from home is so long. My school hours are 730-330 and I work about an hour from home. Which means if I would like to go to the gym and try to lose any of this baby weight I get to choose between leaving my house at 430am or not getting home until about 6pm. UGH!

I am nervous AND excited that my hubs is going to be stay-at-home daddy. They are already the best of friends and I know they will be so fricken cute together, but I also know he will be exhausted and I will be exhausted and with all these changes going on, we will likely be buttin' heads. 

Lastly, I am SUPER excited to share a look inside my classroom with you all again!! That is something I genuinely miss doing. I will be snapping pictures, playing catch up, and sharing our fun times in room 102.

With all these fun changes going on, Parks and I also decided it was the perfect time to buy our first house! Ha! So many changes in a such a short amount of time. Life is always crazy over here... and that's the way we like to keep it ;)

Here is a looksie at our new home! It is currently getting finished and we picked out cabinet colors and granite colors and all that fun stuff. We move in April!

I also have a product that has been in my head for 2 years, slowly getting worked on in my computer for a year... and will FINALLY be getting finished soon after some trial in my classroom. I am so, so, so excited about this one:

We have done a *few* of these in my classroom over the past couple years and I have since been trying to make more. They are higher level thinking tasks that require multi-steps, higher level thinking, and some require teamwork. My students put their brains together and solve real life tasks using the math skills they have already learned. I will definitely be sharing more as I finish this up!

See y'all soon with some 1st grade fun!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Phonics Fun in 1st Grade!

We have been hit by a snowstorm here on the east coast! A good ole 26 inches of snow hit us here in Salem, which meant that it was Theo's first real snowfall!

He was already apprehensive...

and... he was not a fan! He didn't cry... but just sat in the snow with that face for a minute or two lol

While we have been snowed in for the past two days, I thought I would re-do some of my oldest units for some updated phonics fun!

Cover Up game for digraphs! My digraph unit has games, centers, search and find printables for all the following digraphs:

Read and Draw! My long vowels unit has short stories, sorts, and plenty of small group games for all 5 long vowels and their different spelling patterns.
Click above to see more closely what is in the unit!

BINGO! What's more fun that some ole' fashioned bingo! I made game boards for short vowels. long vowels, and blends/digraphs. I love using these on "fun Friday" or during centers. The best part is, students can play themselves without me.

and lastly, I updated my consonant blends unit:

My blends unit also has games, printables, and short stories for students to decode and find s blends, r blends, and l blends.

If you already own any of these or my word work bundle which includes all these units - please go to "my purchases" and re-download.

Friday, January 23, 2015

February Math Centers - Valentine Math

Math centers/Math tubs are my favorite part of our math block. This is when I meet with small groups, re-assess students, and watch my kids practice their INDEPENDENCE!

Once August and September fly by, my kids are on their own during our 25 minute "math tub" time. Now, don't get me wrong... my feelers are still out and my eyes are wandering around the classroom to give reminders to students who need them... but for the most part, my kids take the tubs and go!

I just finished and uploaded my February math centers based on what my students are learning at this time. I also asked my Facebook Followers to see what their kids are learning now!

Here is a little sneak peek:
Heartbreakers: place value & expanded form practice

ValenTIME's Day: addition with 3 addends and telling time to the hour and half hour.

The other 4 centers are:
Sweethearts: mentally adding/subtracting 10 from 2-digit numbers
My little book of story problems
True to your heart: comparing 2 digit numbers
Valentine Surveys

You can grab them below:

If you want to catch a deal, you can grab all my math centers for the whole year for a discounted price below:

BOTH will be on sale from now through Sunday (1/25)!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tacky the Penguin Activities

If I can find one reason to be bummed that I'm on maternity leave, it's that I don't get to teach TACKY! My students l-o-v-e reading about that silly Tacky and I love teaching all about him! Last year I created my Mo Willems author study and I wanted to create a similar unit focused on Tacky.

I scoured through the six Tacky books that I own and read each year and came up with comprehension, vocabulary, and opinion questions for each text. I also made a little Tacky craft and some general Tacky activities that can be used with any book.

Here is a little look at what's included:

and there is lots more!

Click on the cover below to see if this unit works for your students :)

Link Within

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